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We are Brill Mindz Technologies, a leading Technology Services provider, experts in Mobile App Development Company Dubai, Website Development, Game designing and development, Digital marketing. We have won many prestigious awards for spearheading innovative concepts and inventions in the digital world. With years of experience we are dedicated to help you in simplifying your workflow and lead your digital transformation to make your business expand to new horizons.

About BrillMindz

Since its date of inception in the year 2011, Brill Mindz Technologies holds a benchmark with its consistent growth in the digital sphere of mobile application development, web design and development services, game development and digital marketing. We provide a complete digital solution starting from conceptualizing, designing, development, testing, marketing and maintenance capped by continuous support.


There is a greater adrenalin rush of ideas when we kick start our day, as the weary mind does not feel alive unless we do so. To light up innovations, the ideas and the concepts are fused together. Ideas flow to our brains as blood flows through veins. It is continuous and constant. Our minds breathe and live ideas, and why not that’s exactly what a brilliant mind or Brill Mindz does and that’s exactly from where the innovation derives.

In a span of 6 years, we have expanded our horizon in middle-east countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Mauritius, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, USA and Africa. We hold the key to our success with effective communication with their clients, quality of work as the competent professional carve out path breaking technologies to meet the requirements of our clients. We have 200 plus talented specialized and dedicated technical team under our umbrella to make it possible.


Our Services

mobile app dubai

Mobile App

We build mobile apps for all types of devices, by analysing all the individual needs. If you are looking for an app development service which is not only unique, but also robust, safe and international standard, then you are at the right place. We are the leading and many award winning mobile app development company in Dubai with commitment to boom your business.

website development Dubai

Website Development

Your search for the best web development company in Dubai ends here. Brill Mindz does the website development from a customer’s point of view giving the best possible user interface which will help your website to reach huge traffic flow building exciting impressions with real time results.

game development Dubai

Game Development

We are into development of custom games for all types of smart phones, tablets and all types of hand held devices. We have created many exciting and thrilling games which is trending among many of game lovers across the globe which makes the us a leading game development company in Dubai.

android app dubai

Android Application Development

We research and deliver perfect solutions to give a new perception and uplift to your business. Being leading android application Development Company in Dubai with a team of skilled and experienced android app developers who have strong command on Java, HTML, C, C++, CSS, and all latest technologies, you will be surely assured to get a high tech android app fulfilling all your requirements.

ios app developers Dubai

iOS/iPhone App Development Company Dubai

We strive to develop high tech applications to meet the customer needs, irrespective of the project’s complexity. We have adapted a customer centric methodology to deliver fulfilled product. Our experience in providing high-performance, feature-packed mobile experiences and transparent pricing have made us the IPhone and IPad development partners for many reputed organizations in Dubai.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing (PPC/SEO/SMO/SMM)

With huge experience of working with top organizations has yielded into wonderful results and our proven track record has created a huge level of reliability, confidence and credibility in Dubai among all our customers. With an experienced team of skilled digital marketing engineers we have set an example on how businesses make use of the online platform and grow to a next level.

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Take a look at what is our work culture, our development process, our growth, customer relations and how we bring the ideas into life.

Brill Mindz-Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development Company Dubai

Mobile App Development Company Dubai

In the modern world, the process of business and communication with people has been transformed with the mobile application development and with the value it creates and the ability it provides you to have involvement of customers is really mind-blowing. Your business may be a start-up or a large enterprise, the only key to success is to embrace mobile app marketing strategy to provide complete and result oriented solutions to user requirements.

Brill Mindz are expert and award winning mobile App Development Company Dubai, china, Bangalore, India and USA. We will build the mobile applications to your requisites with accurate, error-free development and delivering unmatched digital services to the businesses. Our proficiency and understanding of how will users interact with the apps, works well in delivering the complex mobile app development for apps across all platforms like android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, Windows or any devices.

Our process:

We are the trusted App Development Company Dubai. We follow a completely organized process of Analysing, design, development, testing, launching and maintaining the mobile applications to ensure hassle free running.


  • Once client briefs us the idea, we do a detailed analysis of the requirements and end output.
  • We will conduct research and study of market as to how effectively and economically the project idea can be turned into a result oriented app.
  • Our full-stack android developers use the latest technology and industry experience to develop successful apps.
  • We make sure that complete application code tested and ready without any miss in the desired flow.
  • We make sure that deployment process runs smoothly and guarantee that the resulting product meets all the desired criteria’s and deliver user friendly application.
  • Post deployment support is the key to make any business success or failure. We provide the best periodic maintenance by addressing the version changes or launch of new devices. We also work on the new enhancements or any changes based on the user feedback and to the business decisions.
Why Brill Mindz?
  • Smart and secure: With customer centric approach , you will see a high increase in your work performance . You can run your business operations smoothly, keep your data safe and manage multiple channels with ease thus concentrating more on expanding your business to reach more customers.
  • Reach: Increase the visibility of your brand with the positive access to explore much beyond the horizons and this will allow you always to be connected with your clients.
  • Latest technology: Our development team is constantly updated with the latest trends and technologies which helps us to deliver very profitable apps to our clients. Our apps will ensure that the final product will be perfect value for your money and will deliver all the required criteria’s.
  • Support & maintenance: As we know post deployment support is the key to success of any app, we stay ahead of our competitors by providing maintenance and solving all your queries when you contact us.

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Have a look at our works:
Look at our works that have changed the way to success of many businesses.


Website Development

If you are looking to take your business to reach a top level, an efficient website development should be most crucial part of the plan. Your search for the best web App Development Company Dubai ends here. We at Brill mindz do the website development from a customer’s point of view giving the best possible user interface and our team builds responsive sites that elegantly work across for both desktop and mobiles. We have a skilled team of professional’s that will help you to build customised sites for your businesses which hits your target audience with a greater visibility.

We will take complete responsibility right from planning to the final deployment and maintenance. The results of our web development company services are building exciting impressions, practically. Our process of website development service has exciting designs that make use of the high tech and efficient technologies. With most of the customers visiting a business website in the modern era before making any business, online presence and accessibility of the website has become a crucial part than ever.

App Company Dubai
Our proven process models includes,
  • Perfect sync between both back-end and front-end process development.
  • Research of critical marketing practices regarding the project area.
  • Spending more time in analysis before the start.
  • Use of all latest technologies in development.
  • Performing complete testing process at every code level.
  • Ensuring smooth deployment.
  • Full support and maintenance after the launch.


Why Brill Mindz ?

We always stay close with our client during the complete project including Planning, Designing, Development, Testing, Deployment and Support.

Covering diverse industries:

We have worked out successful solutions with most of the industries like ecommerce ,CMS, integration with third-party, financial gateway systems, visual effects etc.

Expert Team:
We have a team filled with high skilled engineers and managers who will assure that your whole project will always continue to move in desired way.

Focus on performance:

We build and design with prime importance on traffic handling along with development.

Cost-Effective strategy:

We have a committed team of engineers who work through the entire development cycle to give an efficient and result oriented product making sure that you don’t have your pocket burnt. With Transparent pricing, we are also truly trusted and safe web development service company with highly professional service to help the client gain a huge recognition across the globe for successful operations. Our pool of skilled and highly expert engineers have complete technical knowledge in PHP, ASP .Net ,Joomla, WordPress and Magneto software solutions and provide the ultimate solutions to the clients meeting their needs.

We at Brill mindz use the modern cutting edge technologies and we implement practical web solutions effectively which will increase the brand value of your business. We follow an Agile software development cycle with global level practices, which has made us to adapt a reliable and top notch web solutions to always stay ahead in the race. We are always dedicated in our services and strive to work towards delivering high quality web services to our clients.

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Have a look at our works:

Look at our works that have changed the way to success of many businesses.


Game Company Dubai

Game Development

Gaming has become an integral part in mobile and web industry, transforming into a swiftly growing industry. Large number of smartphone users spend their time playing games on their mobiles, tablets or laptops. Hence to capture these types of audience and to develop unique taste of games requires technical proficiency, innovative minds and impactfull storytelling.
Brill mindz is a Game development services company for all the game elements, be it iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Web. We love helping our clients to turn their innovative ideas into exciting games and strive to eliminate all hiccups that they may face during development process, publishing in the app in top App Stores. We always support your decision processes on when and how to adapt emerging technologies.
We support all types of applications:
Mobile Game development:

Our experienced and skilled mobile game developers create the best mobile game types with the latest tools and technologies like HTML5, Java, CSS, etc.


Android Game development:

We use the latest platforms and advanced technologies such as Android SDK, Java, NDK and media APIs and with the pool of expert android developers, we build involving and exciting Android games.

IPhone game development:

With an extensive knowledge and technical experience of the latest technologies such as Xojo ,Java, Live Code, , objective C, JavaScript, Ruby, etc. we develop engaging iPhone game apps as per your requirements.

Our process:
Unique Plan and perfect execution:

Our skilled and extensively experienced and skilled developers create the best of the market mobile games, which offer exciting and rich gaming experience.

Design for all:

We deliver game development for everything right from high-performing gaming application and also hybrid gaming platforms for phones, tablets, and other devices.

Unmatched User experience:
Our developers build jaw dropping animations and great user experience which will take your game app to the peak of the popularity charts.

Why choose us?

Extensive Solutions : We give the services to fulfil all elements of the game including analysis, design, creation, coding and testing. Our this comprehensive process saves partner the hussle of managing multiple teams and will allows them to concentrate on business objectives.

Time Bound : We know and completely value the importance of getting your gaming application to be deployed into the market at the intended timelines execute well and stay ahead in the race. Our team will always make sure to be communicative with you on all parts of the process to ensure that your app is launched well within defined time frames and serve as a value for money initiative.

Combined Process:A successful game application is created as a result of creative collaboration and believe in embracing a collective approach with the clients. We move with you completely know the concept of your project so that we never miss any of your requirements.

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Have a look at our works:

Look at our works that have changed the way to success of many businesses.


Digital Marketing (PPC/SEO/SMO/SMM)

Digital marketing is a comprehensive technique that gives a strategic, scientific data driven approach throughout the flow of customer channel. Brill Mindz is a trusted name in digital marketing services in Dubai and our primary motto is to make sure that you get a return on every single investment you make. As a service provider we always adhere to practice that our activities are always driven with the objective of generating convertible and genuine customers. Our major practices include,

  • Identify the marketing pinpoint areas
  • Analyse the exact product/market fit.
  • Design, develop & test small iterative experiments
  • Implement successful experiments & analyse the result data to take decisions at each level
  • Implement solutions to scale the overall customer satisfaction.
  • Optimise the website to reach quicker business goals.
Android Company Dubai
Our Services:
Content Marketing:

The online content is like an invitation card and is always the first impression people will be able to see from your brand. A perfect combination of creative content along with proven methods will assist your business to easily top the charts and convert the target audience. These factors will prompt the customers to involve in your business as you give perfect solution to their requirements and solve their queries.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search engines process large number of searches every day, and the high majority of searchers never look beyond the first results page. We totally analyse social networks, search engines and latest online trends when giving solutions to the customers’ needs. These factors will give a boost to the online branding and will showcase your business at the prime point of customer purchasing times.

Social Media Optimization (SMO):

Knowing your audience prospective will be a crucial element in achieving success for any business in social media. Our experts cover all of the major social networks and analyse the best shot that works for your business, to improve the traffic, conversions and rankings in search engine. True success in social media comes through a blend of organic social media marketing and the planned ads.

Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Online advertising is the most important thing that helps the business to race ahead from their already established pathways and reach new customers with our social media marketing tactics. We make sure that your brands get the best returns with the continues optimizations.

Pay Per Click (PPC):

Pay Per Click  is an online marketing strategy that fetches instant traffic for a website. This paid form of online advertising is done for delivering swift results but it requires thorough understanding to produce a highly effective PPC campaign. From choosing the right keywords to creating perfect landing pages, many factors are involved. Our PPC experts design customized campaigns that target to get the maximum ROI in a cost-effective manner.

If you are with the intention to efficiently improve your conversions and sales, and take your business to next level, then you are just one click away.

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Have a look at our works:

Look at our works that have changed the way to success of many businesses.


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